Recruitment Procedure & Legal Requirement

  • Anchor Manpower requires following documents from our valued clients for recruitment of required manpower on their behalf:
    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Demand Letter (by mentioning terms & conditions as per foreign service agreement guideline)

NOTE: Above documents should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of employment and Pakistan Consulate office in the country of employment.

  • On receipt of the Power of Attorney and Demand Letter, we have to obtain a written permission from the Protectorate of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan to recruit manpower from Pakistan on behalf of our principals as per their requirements.
  • A Foreign Service Agreement (FSA) between Anchor Manpower Services (Private) Limited, as a First Party on behalf of Employer and the Emigrant (Employee) as a Second Party are required to be signed and approved by the Protector of Emigrants, Government of This FSA contains all the terms and conditions laid down by the Employer.
  • Each emigrant is required to produce a Medical Certificate from authorized medical centers as per the requirement of country of employment.
  • In case of countries, where visas are endorsed by their embassies, we submit passport for endorsement of In some countries where visas are issued by name individually, thereafter we finalize the selection process and then wait for the employer to obtain visas, and all other formalities are completed after the receipt of visas.