Foreign Service Agreement Guidelines

Period of Contract: How many days/months/years?
Probation Period: YES/NO, if YES then how many days/months (According to labor laws of the host country)
Wage/salary: Currency and amount per month ?
Daily working hours: 08 hours per day to maximum 12 hours per day with 04 hours paid overtime
Overtime rate: Rate per hour ?
Weekly Working Days: 5-6 days per week
Weekly Rest Day:  1-2 per week paid holiday.
Accommodation free: YES / NO
Type of accommodation: Single/Shared
Food Facilities: YES/NO
Medical Facilities: To be provided free by the employer
Transportation: Free transport from residence to work sites will be provided by the Employer
Air Ticket: Economy class ticket by air from place of hiring to employment place and back on expiry of contract to be provided by employer
Vacation/ Leave per year: As per contract/Labor Laws of host country?
Medical Insurance: To be provided free by the Employer
Social Security and Old Age Benefits: As per the laws of host country
Renewal of contract: Is contract renewable or not? If renewable then who will pay and process for renewal of work permit?