AMS Services for Employees

  • Negotiate the salary packages, terms, and conditions for employees to get a good income and respect.
  • Briefing the candidates about their legal rights, terms and conditions of the employers.
  • Serve with knowledge about overseas journey, and provide orientation about the culture, language, food and customs of the host country.
  • Provide services to the migrants in completing the required documents like identity cards, passport and all government requirements, to obtain visa from the concerned Embassy / Consulate and keep abreast the employers informed about the progress at every stage.
  • Arranging following pre-departure sessions:
    • Trade knowledge
    • Life Skills training covering:
      • Ethics & Behaviour
      • Safety & Security
      • Health & Hygiene
      • Discipline & Presentability
      • Communication Skills
    • Migration process and issues

Helping by facilitating for job searching, conducting interview/test, medical, embassy processes, visa protectorate, ticketing and to overcome the departure challenges.

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